An inspirational story of two friends

Almost ten years ago, there were two friends preparing for IIT-JEE in Varanasi. They both have a rich dad and successful relatives. After the hard work of one year, both cracked the exam and secured the consecutive ranks. After the discussion with friend, family, and relatives they both join IIT-Bombay in Computer Science stream.

After four years, when the campus placements began, one got a job at Apple Inc and another in Microsoft Corporation. They are successful and are living the happiest years of their life and had a bright future ahead.

But the guy in Apple was not happy, even earns more than his friend. One day he quit the job and returned to India.

A few years later the guy in Microsoft was in India for his company works and he had till now everything in his life. He was traveling with his wife in a big luxury car, then suddenly his car punctured.

He soon finds the best garage near the area and parks his car in the shed of it. Then he saw a mechanic who was no other but his best friend, he shooked.

He  cannot believe at his own eyes, but soon find the name of the garage is same as his friend name. He went to him, they both went in the cabin full of rag and grease.

What are you doing here? asked the guy from Microsoft.

The second friend was not in the mood to reply his friend’s question, but he did.

Dear friend, as you know after the campus placement I got placed in the worlds biggest IT company with the package more than ten times of my expenses. My family were happy those days, but ….I was not.

Choosing Computer Science during the admission of IIT was the biggest mistake of my life. Since childhood, I love to play with tools. I used to repair my bicycle by own without any experience in it. I used fixed my handpump and other works of my house by myself. I should be a graduate in Mechanical Engineering not in Computer Science.

Although I did not earn as much I used to earn in U.S. but every day used to wake up with great enthusiasm and work till late night without getting tired in this garage. All I want to be happy in my life. It does not matter what my friends, family or my relatives think about me but inner voice always pats on my back for this biggest decision of my life. He had the tear of happiness while narrating his story.

As soon as he finished his story, the worker came into the cabin and informed him that the car has been repaired and both came out of it.

The friend was struck by the answer of his friend. He did not sleep the whole night.

Story End.



Is social media misleading us.

Before I start my opinion let me clear that social media is not only those sites in which we connect with our friends, do chatting, post selfies etc. Websites like Youtube, Google+ and personal blog are also a type of social media because we can do the same things on Youtube like we use to do on Facebook.

I know a dozen of my friends who use to blog and regularly post videos on Youtube. With the help of their extra work, they easily earn rupees 10,000 + and are partially economically independent of their parents. They not only have a good connection on Twitter and Facebook but they also do the equal focus on study and their profession.

So for them, social media platform is not misleading or distracting.

As we know every coin has two sides. We as a smart human determine whether to enriched or to get destroyed by anything which is abstract. Access use of anything is not beneficial.

Thank you.

Is Computers helping or destroying  our daily life.

Computers are the next revolution after the great industrial revolution. When we talk about computers the picture of laptops and desktops appear in our mind, but apart from these two the smartphones in our pocket and the tablets lying on the desk is also a type of computer. These gadgets are helping the human in every aspect of their life. A five-year kid uses to draw paintings while professionals use these devices in their professional life, with the help of computers a seventy years old man can get the track of his health without visiting doctors.

Apart from all the good things about the computers, it has also brought numerous drawbacks in our daily life. The creativity which is gifted by the God in children decreases while they use the automated tools to drawing, painting, and playing. It also demoralized the thinking capacity in them. If we talk about the side effects of computers on students, it decreases the interaction between the teachers and the students. Those students who have computers at home get covers the syllabus from online materials by which they cannot get the benefit of their real teachers. The professional who uses the computers, their grammatical and spelling mistakes are auto-corrected by their specific software through which the habit of making mistakes does not rectify in them.

As a human, we should always determine the scope of the computer.  The overuse of anything is harmful to anyone. Today a human is dependent on it but the wise use of it cannot affect much on us.


That’s Why I Love AAMIR KHAN…

People love the things in which they find the reflection of their interests, feelings, emotions and so on.  The interest of cinema is also determined on the basis of the same. Based on the movie they like people decide their favorite stars. Many people like Shahrukh Khan because of his hits romantic movies, Salman Khan for actions in his movie and many other starts for various reasons.  But a huge crowd of audiences loves AMIR KHAN because of numerous reasons. From Andaaz-Apnaa Apnaa to Mela, Ghazini to 3 Idiots and PK to Dangal he not only entertain the audiences but also inspire them in a various way.

After 3 Idiots the trend of engineering over students had been reduced. After this movie, many young started pursuing what they dream. This not only reduces the frustration rate on the student but also promote them to shape their lives as they want regardless what neighbor or relative says.

In his first produced movie Taare Zameen Par, he told society that every child is the gift of God and Everyone has a unique talent.  For social prestige parents should not put a burden on the child. Bread and Butter in life can also be managed by extra-curricular activities.

In his controversial blockbuster movie PK he acts as an innocent alien who encourage audience not to believe on anything without proof. While in his latest movie Dangal which does not only break the record of highest grossing in India but throughout the world it claims the praise, has again inspired audiences that nothing is impossible in this world and anything can be achieved by hard work and passion.His another movies like Lagaan and Rang De Basanti is an inspiration for millions of young people who love their country and want to do something for their motherland.

Apart from movies, his social works like Narmada Bachao Andolan and the campaign for the issue of mal nutrient in child and many others activities bring society together against social evils.  Apart from being a great actor, he is also an amazing human being and that too turn makes him an amazing artist.


Social Media : Friend or Foe?


In the era of digitalization and technology, where things are getting automated and the interaction of machine and human is growing progressively, technology has gifted us a unique way to express our lifestyles. Websites like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchats, Instagram etc. have become the part of our life.

The development of mobile technology has accelerated its demand. With the help of smartphones, one can explore the world with high speed in less time. It has revolutionized the way of people connect to each other on the internet.

Almost quarter of the world population is on Facebook. Around 80% of the  Americans are on this platform. One research says that more than 62% of people get their daily news from social media. The advertisement has become cost-effective and covers a huge amount of audiences. People get their brand items in just a few keystrokes. It provides a huge market for sellers and buyers without any constraints on a geographical issue.

With the help of this medium, one can find the partner of their common interest, as we know the common ground is always the backbone of long-lasting relationships.

Apart from all the good things it has tremendous drawbacks. We see the news of people dying over taking selfies. The false sense of popularity has addicted youth to stick with smartphones and gadgets. The artificial bond of relationships remind people to visit internet regularly and that way people wasted their time without knowing it.

Privacy is the major issue of the social medium. The things we post on the internet are no more in our control, it goes viral if it contains anything abnormal.

At the end, we can say that like every coin has two sides the effects of social media is also bilateral. We have to choose on our will that what is right, legal and appropriate for us. Technology should always be used for making something good and useful. Intelligent uses of Social Media will always prove a boon for the human being. Vast numbers of users show it uses since it is the demand of time.




Which is better: a corrupt and efficient politician or an honest and inefficient politician?

For the development of any country, the integrity of people’s representatives is very important. They are the only medium who implement the policies of the government to the grass-root level.

But what happened when the politician itself became self-centric and start thinking about themselves or the people of their parties or their relatives. The policies which should be implemented to the ground-level of the society became effectless. According to Nelson Mandela

We should always be honest in our lives and the politicians should be dead honest.

Only an honest government can bring effective development to their countrymen lives.

But apart from being honest, a leader should also be efficient to motivate their party members to follow the same path.  If we illustrate it with a contemporary example we found that our former prime minister  Dr. Manmohan Singh he himself was very clear and honest man. He was a learned person the ideal for many economists all over the world but he was not efficient enough to promote ethics and integrity among their group of ministers. During his tenure, India has faced the worst era of development and corruption was in peak. Indian Coal Allocation Scam(2012), 2G Spectrum Scam(2008), Common Wealth Games Scam (2010), Satyam Scam(2009), Wakf Board Land Scam(2011-12) and many others happened in his tenure.

If we consider another example of our former prime minister P.V. Narshimarao who has many charges of corruption on himself but he did lots of good things for Indian economy like bringing Liberalisation Privatisation and Globalisation in the economy after that global investment from all over the world investing in India and bring economic reform in India. Being ethically weak Mr. Narshimarao was strong enough to straighten the economy and keep the wheels of development moving at its pace.

If we consider the quality of leader he/ she should always be the ethically strong and efficient enough the prevent corruption in his tenure.

If we consider the third example, the tenure of our second prime minister Shree Lal Bahadur Shashtri who was both an honest and effective administrator. He not only made India self-dependent on foods and grain but the graph of corruption is minimum during his time. He is the epitome of a quality leader.

Therefore in the result, we can say that a leader should be honest and efficient to lead and his priority should have the development of nation rather than themselves.